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Yuma ACT’s Community Unity at Recovery Palooza

The Yuma Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program team from Telecare recently participated in the tenth annual Recovery Palooza event organized by the Transitional Living Center Recovery (TLCR) program in Casa Grande, AZ. The event, themed around superheroes this year, aims to inform the public about mental health, challenge stereotypes, and celebrate recoveries. With approximately 1,000 community members in attendance, the event serves as a vital connection to local mental health services.

TLCR is a licensed healthcare agency prioritizes innovative, high-quality recovery services, treatment, and support to empower individuals to build fulfilling lives. Their commitment to creating a supportive environment aligns with Telecare's mission to assist those on the path to mental health recovery.

Telecare applauds the Yuma ACT program for its unwavering support of community events, demonstrating their dedication to fostering connections and promoting mental health awareness.

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