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Thank You Morton Bakar Center Rehab Team!

To Morton Bakar Center’s Rehab Team: Thank you for the dedication you show up with every day at work. We want to recognize the commitment you have to supporting each other and the residents. We are so proud of your dedication to providing an enriching climate for recovery. Clinical Director Julia Egan shares a message:

“The last week in January is National Activity Professionals Week! On behalf of the Morton Bakar Center management team, and Telecare overall, thank you to our rehab team for everything that you do each day to support the residents and staff here at Morton Bakar Center. Each of you brings your unique approach and skills to our programming and we are so grateful. Whether it’s playing a game, going on an outing, or helping residents to express themselves through music or art, it is such a joy and an inspiration to see you with our residents.” 

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