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Telecare's Willow Rock Center Shines During Hospital Week

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Telecare's Willow Rock Center program in San Leandro, CA, recently celebrated National Hospital Week instead of National Nurses Week this year. National Hospital Week has a rich history and serves as an opportunity to recognize and honor hospitals' crucial role in our communities. The theme for this year's National Hospital Week was #Wearehealthcare, emphasizing the collective efforts of healthcare professionals to provide essential care and support.

Similarly, National Nurses Week is significant and serves as a time to express gratitude for nurses' remarkable contributions to improving patient outcomes and overall healthcare. This year's National Nurses Week theme is "You Make a Difference," recognizing nurses' invaluable impact on individuals and society.

At Willow Rock, the entire team went above and beyond to ensure a memorable and enjoyable week for all staff members. Each day was filled with exciting activities tailored to different shifts and team members. Dr. Lee graciously treated everyone on Monday to a delightful "Coffee, Tea, and Pastries" Day. Tuesday brought an invigorating "Outdoor BBQ" Day, where delicious food was provided for staff across all shifts. Julie Hodges, Willow Rock's administrator, gives Damon a special shout-out for his exceptional culinary skills on the grill. His chicken sausages were a hit among the team! Additionally, the night shift was pleasantly surprised with a satisfying breakfast the same day.

Wednesday witnessed an enchanting "Ice Cream Social" and "Star Award Day." Staff members indulged in various delectable ice cream flavors while department heads and select team members distributed appreciation stars, acknowledging outstanding contributions. Thursday brought an energetic "Sports" Day, allowing everyone to wear their favorite team's attire proudly and savor tailgating delicacies. Finally, Friday marked the culmination of this remarkable week with a mouthwatering "Decadent Desserts" Day, featuring faculty-provided treats and an opportunity for staff to share their favorite desserts.

Recognizing and celebrating these special weeks allows staff to take a well-deserved break and fosters connection and bonding. Incorporating moments of joy and fun into the work environment creates a supportive atmosphere that promotes overall well-being. It is heartening to witness staff appreciating and enjoying themselves during these important occasions.

We sincerely thank the Willow Rock team for their efforts in organizing this remarkable week of festivities. Their dedication to building awareness around these events and their commitment to enhancing staff morale is admirable. Together, we continue to prioritize mental health and create an inclusive workplace where our staff can thrive.

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