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Sonoma ACT Virtual Retreat

Sonoma ACT Team

Sonoma ACT Team

Building teamwork, virtually!

Sonoma ACT held their distanced staff retreat on August 11. The two main activities for the day were a card reading and trivia. The trivia was booked through Sporcle, an interactive trivia game website. The trivia hosts provided the Zoom room to conduct the game with staff, which was a lot of fun!

After the trivia game, lunch was delivered to each staff. They also received a “swag bag” with Telecare goodies (like the t-shirts in the photo here) and small gifts that were individualized to each person’s interests.

“We have done retreats in the past that were more focused on team building, but the feedback from our staff is that they just want to have fun with each other — that is how they build connection,” said Alison Van De Hei, Sonoma ACT’s Clinical Director. “So this time we just kept it light and fun, which I think was a perfect escape for the day for our staff, given the pandemic and the extra stress on their lives right now.”

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