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Shelton E&T Open House

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On Monday, December 23, community members and staff cut the ribbon at the Telecare Shelton E&T in Washington State.

Teams from the surrounding programs including the Shelton T-CAT, Thurston Mason Crisis Triage, and the Thurston Mason E&T came to congratulate the Shelton team and see the new building. County Commissioners Kevin Shutty and Terri Drexler gave welcoming words, as well as our long-time partners from Thurston Mason Behavioral Health Organization.

The Shelton E&T has two programs on one campus: a short-stay program that is set to open on December 31, and a long-term program that is set to open in 2020.

The rain let up and the sun shined in through the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, highlighting the amazing work that our Shelton team, start-up partners, and facilities crew have put into this project. What a great way to welcome a new program!

To learn more about the Shelton E&T, click here!

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