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Self-Care Tip: Kite of Life


The Kite of Life is a practice that is based in narrative therapy and was co-created by people at the Dulwich Centre in Adelaide, Australia. It is an opportunity to connect with a sense of hope and joy even during very difficult times.

You may find it helpful to fill out the worksheet on this page and take time to think about how this pandemic is affecting you and all our communities.

One of the great things about this activity is that it draws on each of our own personal histories as well as the social groups that we belong to!

Left-hand corner: Values
What do you give value to in life? What do you care about the most? Who do you care about?

Right-hand corner: Skills, Abilities, Knowledge
What are some of the things you most enjoy doing? What are some of your skills and abilities? What would those who care about you say your abilities or skills are?

Top corner: Hopes and Dreams
What are your dreams and hopes for yourself, your friends, family, or community? These can be big or small—for your life or for these two weeks.

Left side of tail: Social History of People & Places
Pick one hope/dream. How long have you had this dream? Where does it come from? Who introduced you to it? Who are the people and places linked to it? Do this for at least one value, skill, and dream.

Right side of tail: Stories, Memories, Rituals
Document the stories, memories, rituals, songs, and cultural practices that relate to the social history of these values, dreams, and skills. Please share a story about one of them.

Central hub: What You Stand For
This could be something like, “Healing for All People,” or “Recovery.”

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