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Self-Care Tip: Affirmations in the Time of Quarantine


Unique times call for unique affirmations. Here are some affirmations we found on Instagram that might resonate with you:

Affirmations in the Time of Quarantine

  • I am allowed to rest.

  • I do not have to be productive to be worthy.

  • My feelings are real.

  • I am doing enough.

  • I am allowed to take a break from the news cycle.

  • I deserve to be cared for.

  • I am allowed to be fearful.

  • I can spend extra time on myself.

Reflection Questions

  • Which affirmation do you like the most? Why?

  • Which affirmation is the hardest for you to feel? What might help you let it in?

  • If you could choose one of these affirmations to give to one of your coworkers, which one would you give and why?

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