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Self-Care Tip: Affirmation


"The words ‘I am’ are powerful. We are declaring who we are to the universe.”—Ora Nadrich

One of the most intimate aspects of your day-to-day reality is the ongoing conversation you have with yourself. Your self-talk or internal dialogue provides a steady stream of linguistically structured thought that can help you define, evaluate, and derive meaning from your life and reality. A vital component of this internal dialogue is affirmation, or declarative statements of what you believe or hold to be true.

The Structure of Affirmations

  • Affirmations are clear and direct declarative statements.

  • Affirmations most frequently begin with the words “I am.”

  • Affirmations are written and spoken in the present tense.

  • Affirmations are spoken in positive, not negative, language.

  • Affirmations with emotional leverage have more power.

Here are a few examples of positive, present-tense affirmations:

  • I am healthy, happy, and strong.

  • I have deep and fulfilling relationships.

  • I enjoy my work and am fulfilling my life’s purpose.

  • I appreciate and love myself just as I am.

  • I am compassionate and forgiving; I release all beliefs that prevent me from expressing my highest self.

Affirmation Practice

  1. Find a time and space where you can focus on your affirmations without interruption or distractions.

  2. Start by acknowledging that your words have power, and with them, you are intentionally scripting the life you wish to lead.

  3. Place your awareness in your heart and begin repeating each affirmation mindfully and deliberately three to five times each.

  4. Focus on generating a feeling state that what you are affirming is already true at this moment. Feel the happiness, excitement, gratitude, and other positive emotions of seeing your affirmation fulfilled.

  5. Conclude your practice with a moment of gratitude for your ability to be a conscious co-creator of your world.


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