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Ridgecrest CSU Grows Community Rock Garden

rock garden 2.jpg
Rock garden.jpg

You can look anywhere and find inspiration— including at the Ridgecrest Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) in Ridgecrest, CA!

A group of NOC shift staff members decided to go outside to get some fresh air. On their hike, they came across a spot in the desert where they found a rock garden. Above it was a sign that asked whoever found that rock garden to take one and/or leave one that shares a message or picture that is meaningful to them.

The crew was inspired by this find and decided to replicate it at the CSU. All staff painted a rock with something inspiring and meaningful to put in the garden. The NOC shift created the sign and put the garden together.

In order to help this garden grow, members are now invited to paint a rock that is meaningful to them and add it to the garden and/or take a rock that inspires them. Many rocks have come and gone from the garden already. The garden also belongs to the community. Anyone is encouraged to stop by and participate!

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