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RCCS Awareness at CATC

In an effort to invigorate awareness and use of Telecare’s Recovery-Centered Clinical System (RCCS) at the Multnomah CATC program in Portland, OR, the team has started three new RCCS practices!

  • Every shift exchange, the team ends with an RCCS minute. This is where the team identifies one thing that was said well using an RCCS lens and one thing that could be reframed using RCCS based language.

  • To help remind staff of the main tenets of the RCCS, program leadership had RCCS badges created as a quick reference.

  • Lastly, an RCCS sightings board has popped up where people can share the awesome work and see what their coworkers doing.

These practices have improved new staff understanding of the principles and helped seasoned staff sharpen their skills. Way to go, team!

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