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Partners In Wellness: Growing Together

Good things are growing at Partners in Wellness!

Elyse M., Case Manager II Specialty at Partners in Wellness, took the time to share a really inspiring story about her love of working with clients and her love of planting.

Partners in Wellness: Growing Together

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“When I came back from leave, I noticed that the wildflower seeds I gave them before I left had been planted with care and tended to over the six months I was away. They had even added a small border to protect them.

While meeting with the clients, they were so excited to show me all of the work they had done planting seeds and starting young plants that they had plans to transplant into the yard. They expressed so much excitement about their plans to bring more green and life into their home. 

As most of you know, I have a passion for plants, and a huge part of my self-care is tending to my garden and rare plant collection. I told the clients I’d bring them some supplies from home. They were beyond grateful. When COVID first popped up, I joined a group on Facebook dedicated to rating tropical collectors in the Bay Area. I decided to make a short post about my desire to start a plant program with my clients and relate these plants to their ability to thrive with self-care. I posted at night and when I woke up I had over 100 notifications from countless people offering to donate plants and supplies. 

Today, an amazingly kind individual from my group spent hours driving donated supplies from people up and down the peninsula right to our office. She thanked me for allowing everyone to share their passion for plants while promoting healing and growth. I was blown away by the generosity of so many people I have never met. 

I will be taking most of these supplies and plants to Maria’s since I promised to help the clients achieve their goal of creating a green therapeutic space. I am going to keep some to pot up and bring to the office. I really encourage all of you to not only pick one out for yourselves but to also take one for your clients. I know it sounds corny, but there is something so gratifying and magical about watching something grow. I think giving clients something beautiful to place in their rooms and look at could be very powerful. All of the plants take minimal care. The process can segway into education about self-care, meaningful activity, daily schedules, and nutrition.

I was blown away and inspired by the generosity of the individuals in this group. I will type up little care sheets to go with them so they know how to keep each one happy! I value and appreciate you all.”

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