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Morton Bakar Center Hosts a Fall Fairytale Festival

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Telecare's Morton Bakar Center program recently hosted a Fall Fairytale Festival with a twist. In the weeks leading up to the festival, staff members shared fairytales, myths, and stories from their cultures all over the world. The event was a great success, and everyone had a blast!

This idea eventually led to the creation of a more interactive and inclusive experience, portraying the journey from darkness to light. For example, this could be represented by the transition from a mummy's tomb to a temple of light.

The staff created a "temple of light" by bringing in items depicting their culture and finding meaningful quotes. They did this to honor their culture and to show everyone the "light" within it. The temple can also represent peace and respect, where people can come to remember those who have passed and reflect on their own lives.

To tie in Halloween, the employees dressed up as different fairytale characters and quested to retrieve a golden chalice from the mummy's tomb. The chalice was then returned to its rightful home in the palace of light.

We're thrilled to see Morton Bakar Center's inclusion of other cultures during this holiday season. This is a wonderful idea, and we commend you for it. The program always puts a unique spin on holidays, and we can't wait to see what they have in store for us next. Thanks for making each holiday special, Morton Bakar Center!

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