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Morton Bakar Center Celebrates Philippines Independence Day


Morton Bakar Center staff members raised in the Philippines recently hosted an event to share their culture and traditions with the community. They showcased music, traditional dance, and cuisine from the Philippines, and everyone had a great time learning about a new culture. It was a fun and informative event that left everyone feeling more connected to each other. Many people in the Philippines choose healthcare and nursing as a career. This is due to the high demand for these professions in the country.

Philippines Independence Day is a special celebration of the country's long and rich history. For over 300 years, the Philippines was a Spanish colony named after King Philip II of Spain. Today, the Philippines is a vibrant and thriving nation, and its people are proud of their heritage and culture. The June 12 celebration honors the Philippines' independence from Spanish rule. However, the Philippines became formally independent from the United States on July 4, 1946. Nevertheless, the June 12 celebration is still a joyous occasion commemorating the country's unique history.

Morton Bakar Center celebrates many cultures and customs to help create a welcoming, inclusive, creative, and fun environment. People can learn about each other and the traditions and history that shape each others' lives at these celebrations.

Telecare is delighted to see the Morton Bakar Center program making everyone's cultures inclusive and turning them into learning opportunities. Thank you for doing a fantastic job of creating a fun environment!

Check out the Morton Bakar Center staff trying tinkiling, a traditional Filipino dance.

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