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Merrill Center’s Sweet Take on Mental Health Awareness Month

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Telecare's Merrill Center Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) in Fontana, CA, is proud to continue its annual tradition in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. Throughout May, our team at Merrill Center dedicates itself to celebrating mental health awareness and taking the time to recognize the incredible staff who tirelessly work to instill hope and support individuals on their journey to recovery.

As part of the program's festive activities, the team indulges in a weekly Friday inspirational treat, further acknowledging the outstanding contributions of the wonderful team. The team also showcases the delightful sweets offered by capturing pictures of staff members from various shifts to capture the spirit of its celebrations.

Mental Health Awareness Month holds immense significance as it serves as a platform to raise awareness, combat stigma, and shed light on the profound impact of behavioral health issues on individuals, providers, families, and our community. It allows us to foster crucial conversations about mental illness, addiction, and the importance of prioritizing mental well-being.

At Telecare, our employees are pivotal in shaping these conversations and driving positive change in mental health care. Through their dedication and commitment, they forge meaningful partnerships that address behavioral health issues and create a more compassionate and inclusive society.

Telecare extends its heartfelt gratitude to the staff at Merrill CSU for their unwavering dedication to serving individuals on their recovery journey and engaging them in transformative conversations about healing and growth. Your contributions are immeasurable!

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