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Member Kimberly's Inspiring Journey to Recovery with Help From Kaiser South Bay's ICT

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Telecare is instrumental in helping our members recover and feel supported throughout their journey. We are constantly reminded of how much our support means to those who need it when we hear success stories from members. These stories inspire us to continue working towards changing the lives of others for the better.

Member Kimberly's journey through mental illness and recovery is an inspiring one. She found hope and healing through Kaiser South Bay's ICT program, which provides intensive community treatment for those with serious mental illness. The program helped her to develop a support system, learn new skills to manage her mental health, and gain confidence. 

These are remarkable accomplishments, and her journey is truly inspiring. It is heartwarming to see Kimberly going from feeling hopeless to feeling supported by an entire team. We feel privileged to have been a part of Kimberly's journey and to hear about her fantastic strides to feeling safe, secure, and accepted.

In her recovery journey, Kimberly's gratitude reaches more than just to Telecare but to her local community. Not only does she recognize Telecare for its role in her life, but she recognizes and is grateful to the Morgan Hill Police Department. She shared a gift of bead art she created and a letter to the department where they expressed their appreciation on Facebook.

It is always fantastic to hear that our members have reached a successful point in managing their mental health and can thrive in life. It reminds everyone at Telecare that we are working towards changing many lives for the better and that each life we touch benefits greatly from our support.

Read the letter below from member Kimberly, shared to Kaiser South Bay ICT's administrator, Janbir Sandhu.

A big shoutout to CADC Counselor, Albert Carrasco, for the fantastic work he has been doing with this member!

Click here to listen to Janbir’s recounting of Kimberly’s story.

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