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Lived Experience Story: Lindsay Harte

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My name is Lindsay Harte (she/her).

I am a Communications Specialist on the communications team at the Telecare corporate office. I’ve been at Telecare for eight years.

On my life’s journey, I have experienced depression and anxiety, PTSD, loving a family member with serious mental illness, losing loved ones to AIDS and ALS, and building a strong support network to get me through it.

My personal lived experience story is similar to … to be quite honest, I haven’t found many people with a similar story. I have connected with so many others through being honest and vulnerable about death, anxiety, and depression. While I may find value in feeling unique I know I am not alone.

What I have learned along the way is that being vulnerable is really hard, but when you find your people — people that you can trust with every emotion in your being — it’s life’s little bit of magic. Connection and support with others helped me connect and support myself. It’s why I am still here and I am so grateful for those that I love.

What I hope to do for and share with others is to share stories so we all feel connected in this world and learn from each other.

In tough times, I always try to remember this, too, shall pass.

If I were going to say one thing to someone going through what I’ve been through is, I am here to listen.

Thank you for sharing your journey, Lindsay! We are so glad to have you as part of #TeamTelecare!

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