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Leader Bio: Mariela Gorosito

My name is Mariela Gorosito (She/Her).

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I am the Administrator of the Telecare Los Angeles Step-Down program. I’ve been at Telecare for seventeen years.

In my view, the best part of my job is working with an amazing, compassionate, loving, inspiring, and caring group of people to help our members reach their hopes and dreams and acknowledge that baby steps are just as important as the big ones!

What makes me really proud of my team and our work is that the team will do whatever it takes to support the members and their unique needs. When I'm out in the field, it is so inspiring to see everyone working with our members in a way that shows how much they truly care for those they serve. They remind me that these are the stories that don't often get heard, and it is amazing to witness them firsthand. These experiences and other amazing stories have inspired me to be a better person, to realize that we are all fighting some kind of battle, and to remember that we can't treat mental health alone. When I’m in the presence of the love and compassion between the team and our members, it just makes me so proud that I get to be part of this team, part of this journey, and this humbling experience.

When I’m having a tough day, the thing that keeps me going is waking up knowing that there are people counting on me for support and knowing that no matter how tough a day can be, there will always be someone on the team and in the organization to remind me of how amazing we are together. I know that someone will always offer a smile, and I make sure to do the same for those that might be having a tough day. Also, knowing that our members count on us for support and we are often the only extension of people in their lives that have shown them what it's like to be cared for, loved, and treated with respect and dignity. Some of our members have been through very traumatic events, but they are here, present, come to us as they are, and we accept them for who they are. Often times, I have members tell me that they have never felt as cared for as they do at our program, and they can count on people to be there for them when that has not been their reality for many years. In one word, I would say resilience is what keeps me, and I believe us as a team, going.

My favorite quote or personal motto is, "It takes a village, as we can't do this alone," and "I have to be the change I'm looking for."

If I were going to describe Telecare in three words, they would be compassion, growth, and resilience.

Thank you for letting us get to know you, Mariela! We are so glad to have you as part of #TeamTelecare!

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