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La Casa PHF CHEI Committee's Culture Conversations

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La Casa Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF) commits itself to a culture of inclusion that values diversity. This environment is essential to providing quality care for all its patients. The facility strives to celebrate the unique contributions of all its employees and is determined to create a workplace where everyone feels respected, valued, and supported.

This commitment aligns with Telecare's broader dedication to promoting Cultural Humility, Equity, and Inclusion (CHEI) throughout its organization and the communities served. We are honoring each other's unique experiences and perspectives by building a stronger and more united community.

The La Casa CHEI Committee recently kicked off an initiative to raise awareness about the CHEI mission. Upon arrival at the front lobby, staff were greeted with snacks and a question: "What does culture mean to you?" They were invited to write their answers on a poster so that everyone can share and learn. The hope was to create a more cohesive understanding of the CHEI mission and why it matters. This practice helped everyone learn a bit more about the importance of culture and how it shapes our lives.

Telecare is grateful for La Casa's efforts to illustrate the CHEI mission at its facility. They took the time to collectively work on what it means for everyone and created an effective way for the message to be well-understood by everyone.

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