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FY18-19 Year-End Materials

At the end of Telecare’s fiscal year Anne Bakar, President and CEO, and the executive team summarize the organizational progress and plans for the future in a company-wide annual report and video. Part of this effort includes our Mission of Excellence, a yearly summary celebrating and sharing the excellent work of our leaders and staff around our programs.  

Telecare’s FY18-19 was a year of partnership, new product models, improved technology, and staying true to the vision and values that are at the core of our company and the work that we do. We opened 12 new programs, including expansions of existing programs, and added 1,500 new staff to the Telecare family. We partnered with customers and communities to provide a brand-new model of care for clients with co-occurring developmental disabilities and mental illness, and we stepped in to absorb three new programs in from a provider who was not able to continue services. We also made great progress in our community-based programs by implementing Avatar electronic record in 47 programs and improved our staff engagement efforts. Together, we served more than 31,000 people in 35 counties across six states

FY18-19_Annual Report_vFinal_Page_1.png
Telecare Mission of Excellence_FY18-19_vFINAL_Page_1.jpg

We are excited to share our progress in our FY18-19 video, Mission of Excellence, and our Annual Report.  

Telecare’s progress is made possible by the hard work and passion of our staff, the people we serve, and our community partners.  

Please take a few minutes to explore and celebrate all of the things that our team across Telecare achieved this year. 

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