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English Hills and Beck Lane Staff are Fire Evacuation Heroes!

The teams at English Hills and Beck Lane Community Crisis Homes (CCH) in Vacaville, CA, are true heroes in every sense of the word. When the Lake-Napa Unit (LNU) Lightning Complex fires threatened their programs recently, the staff at both programs jumped into action.

Beck Lane Evacuations

On August 19, the NOC staff at Beck Lane had to evacuate their facility a little after 1:00 a.m. and transfer clients to a nearby hotel. The staff’s quick and calm response made for an efficient, safe transition.

English Hills Evacuations

English Hills Staff

English Hills Staff

The staff at the English Hills program had to evacuate early on August 19 when flames from the Lightening Complex fire had reached the neighboring areas. Staff acted quickly and transported clients safely to a hotel. As time went on, however, the hotel itself was also evacuated. The staff once again had to find a place to relocate to and were able to transport the clients to a hotel in a neighboring city.

Good News and Next Steps

Beck Lane clients and staff returned to their facility on Sunday, August 23.

The power has been restored to the English Hills facility but staff and clients are not cleared to return yet. Staff continue to provide services in a hotel in Fairfield.

Despite the lack of stable shelter, an emergency crisis evacuation, and the COVID-19 crisis, our CCH staff have continued to deliver quality supports.

Heroes truly do work here.

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