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Congratulations Michelle Dabbs, Regional Director of Operations

Please join us in congratulating Michelle Dabbs for her promotion to Regional Director of Operations (RDO) in Orange County.

Background and Experience  

Michelle has 11 years of behavioral health experience, a master's degree in counseling, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, and has a master's degree in business administration.

Michelle has experience in crisis stabilization units, crisis residential treatment programs, and community-based programs. As an RDO, Michelle will oversee TAO North, TAO Central, TAO South, Home First, and Treehouse North and South.

Michelle was also instrumental in the startup of TAO Central, a program that was created to assist Orange County in moving more than 700 individuals out of homeless encampments in the Santa Ana Riverbed and into hotel settings instead.

As administrator of TAO Central, Michelle worked closely with our customer, Orange County Mental Health and Recovery Service, to help ensure that people with mental health needs got the services they required. Approximately 200 of the 700 individuals in the Riverbed were screened and assessed as possible members of TAO Central program, which was designed as a housing-focused Full-Service Partnership (FSP) program. Michelle helped bring these individuals into treatment and supported them through their journeys. The TAO Central program later expanded to include Mission Possible, a mobile outreach and therapy treatment model that includes two RVs to outreach and treat homeless individuals in the community.

Congratulations, Michelle!

Telecare is proud to have Michelle on our team. We congratulate her on her promotion and look forward to seeing how she brings her dynamic energy to this new role.

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