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Client at Carmen Lane Shares Their Appreciation

A member at Telecare's Carmen Lane in Santa Maria, CA, recently wrote a letter about their stay at the facility. They shared their appreciation for the program for all the services it provided them and the influence it has made on their recovery.

No two person's experiences with recovery are exactly alike, but that doesn't mean you're alone on your journey. Regardless of what form your healing looks like, know that you are not alone and that help is always available. Having a supportive network of people and a solid foundation is important as you build upon the skills to lead an independent life. For our members at Carmen Lane, being in this type of supportive environment has had an immensely positive impact on their lives.

Below our member expresses their gratitude for Carmen Lane:

"Hello, my name is (blank). I am originally from Dallas, Texas, but prior to staying at Telecare on Carmen Lane, I was homeless and incarcerated in Santa Barbara County. In my opinion, this place is awesome and easy to get through because of the friendly staff and other clients. Telecare saved my life by rescuing me from jail and the streets. They fed me, had somewhere for me to shower, access to clothes, resources, and food. They helped keep my mind stable with my medications and even helped me with online court situations and doctors' appointments. The program is manageable and helps by keeping your reality in check because we have to do chores, clean our rooms and take care of our hygiene, which helps transition us back to normal life after Telecare. The staff is easy to get along with as well as the clients. I made friendships that I am going to miss when I am released from here. A few things I love about this program are that there are two TVs and a computer, we can have our phones, there is free time into the community, and the food is pretty good. I am thankful for this program and all of the staff, and I appreciate all they do so that we can get our lives together.”

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