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Celebrating the Power of Peers

Recently, California passed Senate Bill 803 — also known as the Peer Support Specialist Certification Program Act of 2020 — establishing peer service as a provider type and demonstrating the importance of peer service as an equal part of a clinical service team.

Jennifer Hinkel, Vice President of Development at Telecare, is a strong advocate for peers and played an integral part in expanding our peer workforce by creating a peer job family and career ladder. In the video above, Jennifer discusses the importance of its passage while identifying how peers can get ready now for the certification process.

With lived experience in recovery — often including their own journeys with mental illness, substance use, criminal justice involvement, etc. — peer professionals have “been there” and are able connect in a more immediate, powerful way with the people we serve, inspiring hope, dispelling myths about recovery, walking with people on their respective journeys, and supporting them in their goals and dreams.

Hear from Our Peers!

Peer support professionals are an essential part of a recovery environment. At Telecare, we currently have 237 peer professionals serving in our programs!

Click here to hear from some of our peers about how their lived experience is helping to change lives!

Photo by disabled and here project

Photo by disabled and here project

Learn More:

  • Contact Jennifer Hinkel, Vice President of Development, for more information about Telecare’s peer services or our vision for peers.

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