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Casa de Esperanza Y Sueños Welcomes New Administrator Ayana Churn!

Casa de Esperanza Y Sueños (Camarillo Casas) is excited to announce Ayana Churn as the new program administrator! Since 2021, Ayana’s worked as clinical director of the program, where her primary role was to ensure clients received the best care from a clinical perspective. Ayana has also established a positive working relationship with the county to ensure priority client care. Her experiences include leading teams in both residential and community settings.

Ayana believes in respect, transparency, and teamwork. Throughout her career, her experience included leading teams and providing direct care to various populations, and empowering individuals to navigate the mental health system and aid in their own recovery.

Ayana joined Casa de Esperanza Y Sueños as Administrator on February 29, 2023.

Fun fact about Ayana:

“I didn’t learn how to ride a bike, without training wheels, until I was 10. My granny taught me and I definitely ran into a few mailboxes along the way!”

Welcome, Ayana!

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