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Bakersfield Recovery Station Virtual Open House

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Telecare and Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS) hosted a virtual open house for the Bakersfield Recovery Station on Friday, May 29, 2020.

“We are so excited to partner with Kern County Behavioral Health to provide these amazing and very much needed services to the community members here in Kern County,” said Crystal Eastburn, Start-Up Project Administrator at Telecare. “We look forward to offering peer support to individuals who are experiencing challenges with substance use—or possibly substance use with mental health challenges—and help them get linked up with the services that they need.”

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Telecare and Kern BHRS had a “virtual” ribbon-cutting ceremony at the site which was filmed on Facebook live for others to enjoy in their own space. A 30-foot ribbon was used for the ceremony which allowed presenters to maintain their social distance.

The Bakersfield Recovery Station is a brand-new program model and the second substance use treatment services (SUTS) program that Telecare operates. The 10-client, short-stay, voluntary program provides screening, access, and linkage to care for individuals with co-occurring mental illness and substance use needs. Services are strength-based and person-centered and aim to promote recovery in a welcoming setting.

“The Bakersfield Recovery Station will be part of the continuum of care that is needed and necessary to humanely treat people as people, by people,” said Bill Walker, Director of Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services.

“I am just thrilled to see the recovery stations come alive and to be an integral partner with the county,” said Scott Madover, Director of Substance Use Treatment Services at Telecare. “From the corporate team members, to the line staff who make the day to day work a reality, there is something special about working with individuals who love substance abuse work and who have the lived experience. It is a special group and I so appreciate everyone’s work on getting this program up and running.”

The goal of the Bakersfield Recovery Station is to provide a law enforcement diversion for persons who are acutely intoxicated and have a co-occurring mental illness where, instead of being arrested, they are presented with an opportunity for peer engagement, assessment, brief clinical interventions, and linkage with community-based services.

The program opened on June 1, 2020 and has already started serving individuals.

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