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Acute Programs Show Off Their Spirit!

This week, 14 of our Acute programs celebrated Acute Pride Purple Day!

Staff members were all decked out in their new “Heroes Work Here” shirts and celebrated with purple cake and purple ube pastries for staff. It was a great and fun way to show acute pride and unity at Telecare.

Programs that participated include:

  • Telecare Pierce County E&T

  • La Casa PHF

  • North Sound E&T

  • Riverside PHF

  • Riverside CSU

  • King County E&T

  • El Dorado PHF

  • Thurston Mason Crisis Triage

  • Heritage PHF

  • Thurston Mason E&T

  • Olympia Next Steps

  • Mark Reed E&T

  • Santa Cruz PHF

  • Shelton E&T

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