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A Place of My Own: A Story of Hope, Trust, and Preventing Homelessness at Sonoma ACT

The Sonoma Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program in Santa Rosa, CA is for adults, ages 18 years and older, who have been diagnosed with serious mental illness. Since 2006, the Sonoma County Department of Health Services Behavioral Health Division has partnered with Telecare to provide these intensive community-based services to clients to help them stay out of the hospital, out of jail, out of long-term care, and off of the streets. We are proud to be part of this system of care in Northern California and play a role in making our communities happier and healthier.

Brandt’s Story:

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Sonoma ACT member Brandt was given a 30-day eviction notice by the board and care (named Hope House/not Telecare-affiliated) he called home. Due to some legal trouble more than a decade ago, zero credit history, and limited income, it was becoming nearly impossible for Brandt to find a new home in such a short window of time.

The Sonoma ACT team decided to take matters into its own hands and met with the board and care. Brandt was granted a week-by-week extension of his stay as long as the team could report his progress each week. The team accepted the offer but continued to look for a place he could call home long-term by contacting more than 50 landlords in the surrounding area. Nothing was available.

Throughout the search, they helped him brush up on his computer skills so he could help, too. Brandt searched for housing every day and carefully saved his money so he’d be able to make a deposit on an apartment when one became available.

Administrator Ella Jackson continued to report Brandt’s progress to the board and care each week while the team continued to put in the work for three months.

Finally, they won. Brandt was able to get a place of his own.

With minimal belongings, he happily moved in with the help of the Sonoma Act Team who donated blankets, a heater, furniture, etc. Everything he needed to make this new apartment a home.

“I feel like I want to stay here forever, not just for me, but to make sure I make the success story worth it. I really want to make them proud of me,” Brandt said.

At Sonoma ACT and Telecare programs nationwide, stories like Brandt’s are why we do what we do. This is just one example of how our employees refuse to give up on those who need our services the most. Staff partnered with him. They respected him. And most of all, they never gave up on him.

Special thanks to Administrator Ella Jackson for creating an environment where staff and clients can do their best work and thrive.

They are Telecare. This is Telecare. We are Telecare.

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